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Established in the year 1996, Bluehost has a long tradition of accomplished business and long list of satisfied clients. Even at the age of cut throat competition, Bluehost provides standard hosting services. Listed below is a Bluehost hosting review. Read on.

Web Hosting Price offered by Bluehost:

As compared to other web hosting services, the price tag offered by the Bluehost is a little bit higher. But exclusive discount codes and promotion offers flooded in the internet provide best bet in lowering the amount of hosting price. Currently the unlimited hosting plan offered by Bluehost is available for $6.95 per month. Clients can use the available discount coupon codes can lower this price.

Most of the hosting service providers increase the price after the first year of hosting website. The lower price during the first year is basically used to persuade the clients about their services benefits. The second and third year hosting price is bit higher for all shared hosting. The said plan offers unlimited storage, network bandwidth, domain hosting, MySQL database and email accounts.

Bluehost also offers reseller account and is as good as the shared web hosting plan. All the re seller accounts presented by Bluehost offer unlimited domains and sub domains, email addresses, MySQL database, efficient cPanel control panel accounts, FTP accounts etc. blue hosting service for re seller accounts also include private name servers, multiple web developing languages, free of cost services such as billing service, drag and drop website builder, spam protection for websites and MOJO marketplace.

The lowest re seller web hosting plan has a price tag of $19.95 per month. The offered re seller service is more than enough for hosting over 100 average ranked websites for your clients. It provides 100GB storage space with 15 Mbps network bandwidth. The plan is provided with Wild Card SSL Certificate, WHM Access and billing software system. The plan offers a free domain and a committed IP. Overall the Bluehost shared server plan and re seller account plan is value for money and can be chosen over other hosting service providers.

Performance of the Bluehost:

Even if Bluehost promises about unlimited web hosting services, the fact is that, similar to any other shared hosting service, Bluehost also has limitations. Still the permitted bandwidth, disk storage space, total functional domains, number of users etc. offered by Bluehost is considerable. The Bluehost service provider lacks in a major area where the number of website traffic increases. Bluehost limits the amount of CPU operation which causes immense slowdown in the website when there is huge number of visitors. The limited CPU usage blocks the maximum use of the network bandwidth causing slowdown. Bluehost is ideal for basic websites on the shared server plan, with less number of visitor traffic.

Similar to other standard hosting service providers, Bluehost suspends a web hosting account on the shares server, if the amount of used resource for duration of one hour increases certain limit. This practice is implemented to provide fair chance to other websites hosted in the same shared server. Web hosting can also get suspended due to other reasons like possible hackers, incorrect scripts, mismatch plugins or excessive CPU usage.

Control Panel of Bluehost:

Bluehost uses the most popular and preferred control panel system for its shared hosting and re seller accounts. The cPanel control panel is used by most of the leading web hosting service providers. The control panel experience of Bluehost is similar to Hostgator, Justhost and many other hosting services. cPanel provides easy to use and user friendly interface. Navigation and using control panel for certain changes can be done smoothly with cPanel. Bluehost offers Simple script Installer. Using the installer, clients can easily install numerous numbers of popular scripts with simple mouse clicks. Well accepted scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Megento, bbPress, phpBB, Drupal and many other can be quickly and effortlessly created.

The Bluehost re seller account has an added advantage of WHM hosting manager. The WHM manager provides simplified web interfaces so that the clients can limit the use of network bandwidth, disk storage space, amount of database, number of domain and added metrics. No technical programming knowledge is necessary to use the simple web interface. The control panel of Bluehost is at par with other hosting service providers. Personalized design and functionality of cPanel increases the user experience of using the Bluehost service.

Reliability and server up time of Bluehost:

The Bluehost service is fairly reliable with negligible downtime situations. The server up-time of the Bluehost is close to consistent 99%. The Bluehost service team does a regular and consistent monitoring to ensure hassle free hosting experience. Small and medium ranged websites hosted on shared hosting service plan of Bluehost can be assures of reliable and constant server time. Implementing state of art equipment’s, accomplished professionals and round the clock monitoring, Bluehost promises complete reliability of uninterrupted service. Secured and mirrored storage backups also provide added level of reliability of the system.

Customer care for technical support of Bluehost:

The Bluehost customer care professionals are always at the service of their clients and give a quick, accurate and steady response to their queries and problems. Bluehost customers can utilize the online help center in case of any problem. The help center is loaded with massive knowledge base to deal with the inquiries of the clients. Step by step guided video tutorials, general FAQs support also help customers in times of need. The web based ticket support window can link the user directly to the customer care staff who can further direct in troubleshooting the problem. The expert advice and solutions given by the professionals is timely and precise. Bluehost maintains a 3 tier customer support and helps in solving most of the complex problems. Choosing Bluehost is never a failure due to its excellent customer care for technical support.

Bluehost is considered as a principal shared server web hosting service provider. With years of established business and massive infrastructure, Bluehost can be trusted for its level of reliability and support. Personal websites, blog pages, small business, online portfolio which requires less traffic can be advantageously and smoothly hosted by Bluehost. the shared hosting service plan offered by Bluehost is great and provides good hosting experience.

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